TEI Rock Drills: Making products that require explanation understandable with AR

    Use planning data efficiently & make them accessible

    TEI Rock Drills is the leading manufacturer of excavator attachments, rock drill components and drilling rigs for hard-to-reach locations. To avoid transporting the attachments to the customer and thus unnecessary environmental pollution, our so-called Smartvu offers the possibility to bring the product virtually to the customer without much effort.

    The Challenge

    Complex drilling machines usually require a lot of explanation, unless the product can be demonstrated directly on site.

    So how can you get around this step without delivering a dry product presentation to the customer? The Vuframe® platform offers the perfect solution to demonstrate products virtually and interactively. Larger machines like the "Hydraulic Drifter" from TEI Rock Drills are usually designed in 3D or CAD. However, it is always a big problem to use this data efficiently and to make it accessible to the customer in a user-friendly way. By means of our platform not only products in 3D and augmented reality but also all other relevant information about the product can be displayed in one view.

    The Solution

    Smartvu enables TEI Rock Drills to present their "TEI hydraulic drifter" to international customers on site.

    Using augmented reality, the attachment can be virtually placed on the construction site and displayed in its original size down to the smallest detail. The customer can thus get an impression of the product and its quality before making a purchase. In addition, Smartvu can subsequently be used for technicians and maintenance staff to solve problems more quickly.

    The Outcome

    Transport and planning costs can be reduced by means of a virtual sales tool.

    In addition to sales and marketing, the "TEI-SmartVu®" can also be used in areas such as maintenance or planning of the product. This and individual customer care ensure higher competitiveness, lower costs and better quality.

    Rodrigo Angstrom

    Rodrigo ist bei Vuframe im Produkt Management tätig.